General Motors

General Motors is responsible for design, engineering and manufacturing of engines, transmissions, castings, and components for GM vehicles and equipment manufacturers. The GM name established in North America is expanded its operations across South America, Europe and the Asia-Pacific region boasting 86 facilities in 17 countries.

Either 4, 6, or 8 cylinder gasoline or GM diesel engines, hybrid or otherwise, customers can choose from various levels of power output, fuel economy, towing capacity, acceleration and overall engine character to meet their needs.

History of GM Diesel Engines

General Motors has been in business officially since 1908 when horse drawn carriages began to fade in class to the automobile. GM Diesel engines were a separate part of the company, created in 1938, and mainly manufactured and provided GM diesel engines to large freight forwarders. Since that time, you can find GM diesel engines in buses, shipping trucks, trolleys, heavy duty commercial trucks, mid-size pickups, light-duty pickups and more.

As a larger part of the American population becomes conscious of fuel efficiency, demand has gone up for vehicles that produce more work for less fuel. And on top of this historic change in consumer needs, GM diesel engines are invested heavily in research and development, producing in line with others their most efficient GM diesel engines yet.

How GM Diesel Engines are Used

You can find GM diesel engines in practically any diesel vehicle make on the market today. From buses and commercial shipping vehicles to mid-size trucks and light-duty trucks, GM diesel engines are in every diesel niche on the market. GM has 200,000 employees worldwide and vehicles and engines worldwide through its many partnerships and subsidiaries.

Recent increases in demand for GM diesel engines prompted the company to expand it’s U.S. offering of one of its light-duty trucks, the Cruze, which is one of the most popular international brands of it’s trucks with GM diesel engines. More and more consumers are allowing GM diesel engines to do the heavy lifting due to the wide distribution of high efficiency, high performance GM vehicles on the market.

Our HeavyDutyKits for GM Diesel Engines

The GM diesel engines we sell online are 6.2L models from years 1982-1991 and 1992-1993. We also have models of 6.5L GM diesel engines from 1994-1998 and models of 6.6L GM diesel engines (Duramax) from 2001-2005 as well as 2006-2009. Give us a call at 888-626-6460 now to order a cost-saving overhaul kit for fixing up your GM diesel engines.