Series 60

Detroit Diesel Series 60 Engine

There are three versions of the Series 60 engine: Detroit 11.1L, 12.7L, and 14L

Detroit 11.1L Engine is common in buses. I have electronic Control Module & better fuel efficiency. In 1998 this engine was replaced with Detroit 12.7L Engine.

Detroit 12.7L Engine is also used for coaches & Buses & Trucks Applications in 2007 Detroit 12.L engine was discontinued and new upgraded version Detroit 14L was introduced.

Detroit 14L Engine is different from Detroit previous model have bigger size crankshaft also horsepower and fuel consumption. Therefore, these were mostly used on freightliner Trucks. In 2011 Series 60 was discontinued and DD series was introduced.

Electronic Control System is used on these engines commonly referred as DDEC.

What DDEC Stands for?

Detroit Diesel Electronic Control

What is the Purpose of DDEC system?

DDEC is used to maintain the efficiency requirements.

Types of DDEC 12.7L & 14L Engine Have?

There are Different Types of DDEC systems used throughout the Detroit Series 60 Engines.

Detroit 12.7L uses DDEC I, DDEC II, DDEC II, DDEC IV

Detroit 14L uses DDECIV, DDEC V, DDEC VI