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With over 80 years of engineering experience, and 20 million diesel engines made, it is no secret that Perkins engine parts are in a class of their own. The Perkins team is dedicated to creating the ultimate engines, designed to improve your performance and productivity. You can count on the history of Perkins Diesel to get the job done.

History of Perkins Diesel Engines

Perkins history all began with one innovating, engineer, Frank Perkins. Mr. Perkins came from a family of engineers and in 1932 he started Perkins with genius inventor Charles Chapmen. What separated Perkins diesel engines from competitors at the time was that Chapmen and Perkins manufactured high-speed diesel engines. Before them, diesel engines were slow, heavy and lacked performance. Chapmen believed that a high-speed diesel engine could challenge gasoline as the primary motive power. In fact, Perkins and Chapmen developed the world’s first high-speed diesel engine, leaving their competitors in the dust.

Frank Perkins' obsession with speed, productivity, and innovation still continue to drive Perkins diesel engines until this very day. Currently Perkins engine parts are globally distributed through 4,000 distribution centers all over the world.

Besides creating top-of-the-line diesel engines, Perkins prides itself on its community outreach. Around the globe, Perkins employees are actively playing a role in the communities in which they are based. On May 1, 2013 Perkins partnered with the charity Anna’s Hope, the leading brain tumor charity in the East of England. The company, which matches all employee donations, hopes to raise around 80,000 pounds to support the charity's aims.

How Perkins Diesel Engines are Used

Whether you’re in construction, agriculture, or industry, there is a Perkins engine part for you. Perkins is proud to carry clean, reliable, low-cost technology for a huge range of applications. For those customers in the agricultural sector, Perkin understands that you need equipment that will meet the demands of small farm gardens, hundreds of acres of fieldwork, or livestock farming, and you can always depend on Perkins diesel, no matter what the season! For those in the construction sector, have no fear; Perkins is here to help you build the future. Whether you are working on small projects or regenerating an entire city, Perkins diesel brings you the power and toughness needed for a variety of construction machines. Backhoe loaders, wheeled tractors, compressors, mixers, rock drills, forklifts, side loaders, and container handles can all be powered by a Perkins engine. Perkin diesel also has enough power to generate electricity, bringing warmth, protection and light to thousands of people. And lastly Perkins is proud to present their line of diesel engines used for marine applications. Powerboat owners, yachting enthusiasts, pilot boat skippers and fisherman rely on the endurance of a Perkins engine.

Our HeavyDutyKits for Perkins Diesel Engines

Looking for Perkins engines or Perkins engine parts? Look no further; call 888-642-6460 today for fast, friendly and knowledgeable service! We are proud to carry Perkins engine parts including an inventory of rebuild kits and parts for 3,4, and 6 cylinder Perkins engines.

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