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Cummins diesel engines are disputedly the best engines on the market today. The reason for such a high reputation is due to the fact that Cummins diesel engines are designed for durability. Some users claim to be able to get over 1,000,000 miles on their Cummins diesel engine, while few other brands can attest to such a claim. While Cummins diesel engines have a significant number of excellent qualities to them, the main factor to consider as a potential buyer of this brand is its durability and consistency.


If you're wondering why Cummins diesel engines are of such high quality, one reason is because these engines have fewer moving parts than other brands. In fact, there's 15% fewer Cummins diesel parts in a Cummins diesel engine than in a Ford or Chevy diesel engine. Having fewer parts leads to fewer inefficiencies in the whole entire system and fewer Cummins diesel parts make the engine easier to diagnose and repair. As a note, Cummins diesel engines have more cubes per bore, a much longer stroke, class B industrial strength, a much broader power band, and all made of cast iron or steel. Overall, the power of a Cummins diesel engine distinguishes it from the pack and it's durability makes for a good investment all around.


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