Cylinder Head

Caterpillar C15 Cylinder Heads and Parts

Caterpillar C15 and C15 Acert cylinder head are different from each other although the C15 & C15 Acert share most of similar parts.

Caterpillar C15 Cylinder Head calls for Serial Number: 1LW, 2WS, 2XW, 5DS, 5EK, 6BR, 6NZ, 6TS, 8PS, 9AP, 9WR, APF, MBN.

Cat C15 Acert Cylinder Head Calls for Serial Number: 3PG, 7CZ, 9NZ, BXS, EST, JRE, LHX, MXS, NXS, SDP, TXG and more Serial Prefix

HDKITS offer Brand new C15 Cylinder heads and Cylinder Head mounting parts with 1 year warranty.

Caterpillar C15 Cylinder Head Specs

Caterpillar Cylinder Heads are build with Durable and brand new casting which can withstand higher temperatures and conditions. our C15 Cylinder Head and Cylinder head Parts are build according to OEM Standards.

Our Caterpillar C15 Cylinder Heads are Pressure Tested for functionality.

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