Caterpillar C15 Diesel Engine

Caterpillar C15 Engine is widely used engine in different Machines ranging from industrial, agricultural & construction.

Cat C15 Engine Applications Compressors, Chippers, Trenchers, Grinders, Irrigation equipment, Drill Rigs, Pumps, Power Unit, Bore Rigs, Agricultural machines, Highway Applications.

Caterpillar C15 Models:

There are two Models of Cat C15 Engine

  • Caterpillar C15 – Single Turbo
  • Caterpillar C15 – Acert – Twin Turbo

What is Difference Between Acert C15 & C15 Engine Model?

Caterpillar Upgraded C15 Engine to C15 Acert Engine in 2004 to meet the emission regulations and making engine perform better.

Acert Stands for Advance Combustion Emission Reduction Technology.

Most of the Parts on both models are same, like water pumps, oil coolers, oil pump, bearings, connecting rods.


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