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All of our Detroit Diesel Engine Rebuild Kits, Overhaul Kits and Parts are engineered to strict OE level specifications, including metallurgy, tolerances, and dimensions!

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Detroit Diesel Engines

Detroit Diesel engines have outstanding fuel economy and performance. Detroit Diesel Engines are designed for rugged conditions and built to last. Year in and year out, Detroit Diesel engines improve their environmental standards resulting in a lower cost of maintenance and higher life time value. Without sacrificing performance, the Detroit engine continues to be an industry leader.

Detroit Diesel Engine History

Detroit Diesel Engines are designed for heavy duty jobs, fueling commerce and transport around the entire world since the 1940s. The American spirit of Detroit Diesel strongly reinforces its brand commitment to heavy duty, long-lasting equipment whose quality is second to none. Consistent to Detroit Diesel engines, research and development over the years continues to keep the company on top of new trends and winning awards for sustainability and fuel economy.

How Detroit Diesel Engines are Used

From shipping trillions of pounds of cargo to shops and millions of school children to class, Detroit Diesel engines are found most everywhere in our daily lives. But the concept of the engine is evolving with new technology, and for Detroit Diesel engines, we’re already seeing new forms of usage. For example, innovative technologies like the Detroit Virtual Technician™ help you manage your Detroit engine more easily and efficiently. We’re enthusiastic to see what’s next for this great American company and it’s innovative future.

Our Heavy Duty Kits for Detroit Diesel Engine

We carry and or source practically anything you need for your Detroit engine. Our inventory includes Detroit Engines Long Blocks, Power units, Detroit Diesel Engine Rebuild Kits and Parts for Detroit Series 40, Detroit Series 50, Detroit Series 53, Detroit Series 60, Detroit Series 71, Detroit Series 92, and Detroit Series 149.

Detroit Diesel Engine Rebuild Kits, Detroit Diesel Engine Overhaul Kits, Detroit Diesel Engine In-frame Kits and Detroit Diesel Engine Parts are available with price match guarantee.

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