Detroit 60 Series 12.7L Diesel Engine

Detroit 12.7L engine is commonly used in Freightliner Trucks and Buses because of its fuel efficiency and longevity.

Detroit 12.7L engine Specs

Displacement: 7754 Cu in

Stroke: 6.3 in (160 mm)

Bore: 130mm

Horsepower: 500Hp

Torque: 1650

Detroit Diesel 12.7L Engine uses ECM Electronic Control Modules which ensure the fuel efficiency and DDEC system which helps in controlling the Emissions.

What DDEC does Detroit 12.7L Engine have?

Detroit diesel 12.7L manufactured in

Year 1987 – 1998 have DDEC 2 & DDEC 3

Year 1998 – 2003 have DDEC 4

Some Late 2003 12.7L Engines also Do have DDEC 5 which are mostly EGR Engines.