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ISM Series

ISM Series

ISM Engine Applications
• Transit/Shuttle
• Heavy Duty Trucks
• Emergency Vehicles
• RV

Key Features
Superior Performance.  The ISM's improved performance is gained through its use of superior diesel engine technology.
Best Fuel Economy.  The ISM continues to have the best fuel economy in its class, even while meeting 2002 EPA certification.  
Low Maintenance Costs.  Greater reliability with fewer parts.

The new Cummins technology now has over 1 billion mile of proven performance. We're so confident in the performance of this engine, we're giving an Uptime Guarantee.

• The ISM's Variable Geometry Turbocharger produces quicker throttle response with less turbo "lag."
SmartTorque automatically adds up to 100 extra lb-ft of torque in the top two gears, for better fuel economy and fewer shifts. 
• Exceptional Power-to-Weight-Ratio - With ratings up to 500 hp and 1550 lb-ft of peak torque.
• Improved compression braking with the fully integrated C Brake by Jacobs.
Rear Engine Power Take-off (REPTO) is available for vehicles that need an engine to do double-duty.
• Fully integrated electronic controls using Cummins ECM provide increased performance from all subsystems.

Fuel Economy
Cummins ISM delivers excellent fuel economy, thanks to its electronically controlled fuel system with advanced air-handling technology.

• To achieve the best fuel economy with Cummins ISM, spec'ing one of our two SmartTorque ratings is a great option.
Cummins PowerSpec, the online tool that describes each engine feature, gives recommended settings and lets you modify and optimize operation of your Cummins engines. 
• Improve mpg even further, get RoadRelay™ 4, the in-cab monitor that helps drivers improve their own skill level.
Cooled EGR low emission technology provides the best fuel economy alternative.
• Fuel economy is still driver dependent.  LBSC (Load Based Speed Control) can provide up to a 1.5% fuel economy improvement.
Gear-Down Protection (GDP) - Improves fuel economy by encouraging the driver to operate in the top two gears.
Idle Control - Electronic features control idle speed, idle time, engine shutdown and PTO utilization.
Road Speed Governor and Cruise Control - Settings optimize both fuel economy and performance.
Articulated piston design featuring forged-steel crown and aluminum skirt allows for higher top ring piston, optimizing fuel efficiency.
• Onan's Comfort Guard System is a totally integrated two-cylinder diesel-powered Onan® generator that powers all your auxiliary power needs. This adds up to a savings of 8.5% in fuel costs every year.

Low Maintenance Costs
Cummins ISM delivers outstanding fuel economy, thanks to its electronically controlled fuel system with advanced air-handling technology.

Lower Operating Costs - Thanks to long maintenance intervals combined with a simplified design.
• Oil drain intervals of up to 50,000 miles are achieved throughout CENTINEL™ optimized lube system design using the latest in Fleetguard filtration technology.
Self-tensioning belt drive system drives both fan and alternator for reduced maintenance and increased belt life.
Mid-stop cylinder liner minimizes oil consumption and increases durability.
• Advanced Fleetguard® ES System™ with StrataPore™ filters designed for use with the new CI-4 engine oils.
QuickCheck III allows you see what your engine readings are so there are no more surprises.
Water-in-fuel sensor alerts driver to contamination that could cause performance and durability problems.

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