Emergency & Private Label Orders

Emergency & Private Label Orders

At IESC – DIESEL we strive to offer our clients with the best pricing possible. That however does not mean “the fastest” way possible and we understand that sometimes, the fastest way possible is what is needed in an emergency situation.

For these instances we offer our “emergency” service for $100 and that guarantees that as soon as the part arrives in our warehouse that we will bump the shipment to the front of the line for delivery.  The $100 does not cover any expedited freight charges you might incur.

Also, if your order does not meet our minimum order amount of $500 then you can convert it to an “emergency” order and we will expedite it like any other “emergency” order.


If you need us to drop ship to your client without our company’s logo and/or markings we classify it as a “Private Label” order and we can do it for $200.  If not the order will ship with our company’s logo and packaging tape.