Debunking 5 Popular Myths about Diesel Engines

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Diesel engines have been very popular in commercial vehicle but when people consider buying a personal car, the preference is inevitably the alternative. Diesel engines have become infamous over time but mostly because of certain myths that have remained firmly etched in our minds. It is necessary to debunk these myths. The focus on fuel economy and cost of running a car has ensured that people are getting interested in diesel engines. Time to shed light on a few facts and misconceptions.

  • A popular myth is that diesel is a dirty fuel and that vehicles powered by diesel engines will emit toxic exhausts and particulate matter. It is quite interesting to observe such myths because the EPA emission restrictions are very stringent and they don’t make any exceptions for diesel engines. Diesel powered cars have to adhere to the EPA restrictions so any thought that diesel cars will pump out more harmful gases and particulate matter than gasoline cars is just a figment of imagination. Also, cars today don’t emit the visibly black, white and grey dense smoke unless something is wrong.
  • There is another popular myth that diesel engines will go kaput when the mercury dips. This is a presumption that couldn’t be farther from the truth. There was a time when gasoline cars also didn’t start when it would be freezing outside. The trouble is not with the fuel. The problem is with the engine. Today, technology has ensured that diesel engines can have a cold start. It is true that gasoline is more flammable than diesel but vehicles don’t just start due to the fuel. The engine and the ignition technology play a role too.
  • Diesel engines are feared to be very noisy, sluggish and that they would lack in performance. This perception has developed from the fact that diesel engines have been primarily used in commercial vehicles, aka trucks and buses. Those vehicles are tilted towards viability and not comfort or exuberance. The diesel engines used in cars don’t have the same issues. The focus is on comfort, speed, quietness and all the attributes that one wants in a personal car.
  • Another myth is simply a misconception. That is that diesel fuel is hard to find. Nowadays most gas stations supply both gasoline and diesel.
  • Many people feel that diesel is more expensive. Some diesels can be more expensive than gasoline but most are not.