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One of the premier consultants in the field of engineering and environment, Ricardo, will be collaborating with Gas Technology Institute (GTI) in two different projects to develop natural gas engines. This collaboration is in a bid to develop engines that are low on emission levels and can be used as alternatives for diesel engines used in the case of medium and heavy duty commercial vehicles that frequently ply on the highways of California.

Generally, engines that run on diesel emit high levels of nitrogen oxides (NOx), greenhouse gases and particulate matter of diesel. As per reports from the California Air Resources Board, the mandatory air quality standards will be exceeded within 2031 in South Coast Basin if the emissions of NOx do not drop by 90% when compared to the present day standards.

As a part of the first project, Ricardo is planning to test two different ignition systems: one which is a high frequency discharge and the other is a pulsed nano plasma engine, with the intent to assess the effect it has on the performance of engines. They will also provide the support required for GTI to develop ultra-low emission natural gas engines for medium sized to heavy duty trucks. Presently, these types of vehicles are among the top 10 contributors for NOx emissions in the South Coast Air Basin.

They will continue to remain one of the largest emitters of NOx until the entire fleet is replaced by vehicles that adhere to the 2010 emission norms. Both the projects will also be sponsored by the Southern California Gas Co.

As per the President of Ricardo, Clive Wotton, the medium and heavy duty trucks cannot be electrified or hybridized like how SUVs and other passengers have been done. Thus, by using natural gas as an alternative for these transport trucks, it would at least be a step closer towards reducing the NOx emissions.

By developing an ultra low emission natural has engine that emits 90% lower NOx than the current trends, the emission levels will be equivalent to that of an electric heavy duty vehicle including the emission involved in generating the electricity required to power the vehicle.

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Description about the product

Elastisol is a product designed for gasketing and sealing applications where there is a necessity for resistance to long-life lubricants to be used under extreme conditions. It is a single piece component, thixotropic in nature and is a sealant.

Some of the special features of Elastisol A 2000 are listed below:

  1. Single component
  2. Cured at room temperature.
  3. Does not get affected by shear.
  4. Non-slump.
  5. No need of priming for adherence to majority of the substrates.
  6. It resists hot lubricating oils.

Steps for Application of Elastosil

The surface to which Elastosil has to be bonded should be dry, clean and must not have any oil and grease particles.

Elastisol A 2000 can also be dispensed in bulk by using conventional drum and pail extruder pumps for feeding gasket tracing machines and placing the beads precisely and also for achieving material efficiency. In the case of manual applications such as repair, it can be accomplished by using a high pressure flexible fluid hose and an extrusion gun.

The equipment required for transfer systems and dispensing machines will be provided to supplier on request. In most of the applications consisting of gaskets, a sealant bead of 3-4 mm would suffice. The parts should be assembled as soon as possible so that the sealant spreads evenly.

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Heavy Duty Kits

Heavy Duty Kits, the number one supplier of diesel engine rebuild kits recently unveiled their updated and enhanced website. Heavy Duty Kits has been offering rebuild kits to the heavy duty diesel industry for over 30 years and during that time they have become known throughout the industry as the top supplier of diesel engine rebuild kits. The owners of Heavy Duty Kits have expended a great deal of effort to bring this new website to the market and they are sure customers will find it extremely helpful and easy to use. The new website makes it even easier for customers to find the products and parts they need for their diesel engines and to communicate with the sales staff in order to ensure that they are getting the right kit the first time in just one simple click.

We Offer Clients Easier Access to Their Top Rated Diesel Engine Kits

Visitors to the newly enhanced website will find a site that was redesigned with the customer in mind. The home page features large and powerful graphics that direct visitors to the heavy duty diesel kits they need. Visitors are able to search for the kits by manufacturer as each brand is represented by a large red square with the manufacturers’ name in large white capital letters. A simple click on any of the large red squares takes the visitor to the product page for that manufacturer. Once there, the customer can review the various products and purchase directly from the website. Currently Heavy Duty Kits is offering FREE shipping on domestic orders and will deliver within five business days or less to ensure the customer gets back up and running as quickly as possible.

Two of the more prominent new tools of the redesigned website that are getting tons of attention from those who have visited already are the addition of a blog and the searchable parts database. The new blog features new product release details, information about various products and news that’s relevant to the diesel parts industry. The searchable parts database has over 193,500 line items giving the customer instant feedback with price, availability, brand and weight. Time is money and the new website was designed to save you both!  Combined with the “Diesel 411” section that answers frequently asked customer questions, the website proves to be efficient and pragmatic.

To learn more visit the Heavy Duty Kits newly enhanced website or call 305.470.9306 to speak with a company representative.

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