Month: April 2016


Description about the product

Elastisol is a product designed for gasketing and sealing applications where there is a necessity for resistance to long-life lubricants to be used under extreme conditions. It is a single piece component, thixotropic in nature and is a sealant.

Some of the special features of Elastisol A 2000 are listed below:

  1. Single component
  2. Cured at room temperature.
  3. Does not get affected by shear.
  4. Non-slump.
  5. No need of priming for adherence to majority of the substrates.
  6. It resists hot lubricating oils.

Steps for Application of Elastosil

The surface to which Elastosil has to be bonded should be dry, clean and must not have any oil and grease particles.

Elastisol A 2000 can also be dispensed in bulk by using conventional drum and pail extruder pumps for feeding gasket tracing machines and placing the beads precisely and also for achieving material efficiency. In the case of manual applications such as repair, it can be accomplished by using a high pressure flexible fluid hose and an extrusion gun.

The equipment required for transfer systems and dispensing machines will be provided to supplier on request. In most of the applications consisting of gaskets, a sealant bead of 3-4 mm would suffice. The parts should be assembled as soon as possible so that the sealant spreads evenly.

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