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Volvo Diesel

Volvo Diesel


Volvo makes more than just cars. The Volvo Group produces some of the most powerful, most innovative and toughest diesel engines, you can buy. Volvo diesel engines are guaranteed to perform flawlessly no matter what the environment. They are built on a foundation of innovation, quality and consistency.

Volvo diesel is specially designed to handle the harshest of conditions, including heat, cold, uneven gradients, and poor roads. Whether you are clearing forests, laying cement, building roads, or moving heavy terrain, Volvo diesel engine will give you the power to get the job done.

History of Volvo Diesel


Volvo started in 1924 by two men with a passion for engineering. The two men, Assar Gabrielsson and Gustav Larson, shared a vision to build cars that could withstand the extreme temperatures and rough roads of their home country of Sweden.

Three years later, their first car rolled off the assembly line at their factory in Gothenburg, Sweden and the Volvo was born. Although only 280 cars were built that year, Volvo soon became a powerhouse manufacturer in Europe. By 1935, they were already producing buses, marine engines and airplane engines. Today the Volvo group has expanded into one of the largest producers of trucks, buses, construction equipment and diesel engines. They have production facilities in 19 countries and more than 100,000 employees.

The Volvo Vision


The driving force of the Volvo vision is the company’s core values. Volvo stands for quality, safety and environmental care.

Quality: The engineers at Volvo are committed to excellence. They understand the customer’s needs and hope to create products that will exceed their expectations.

Safety: Since 1927, safety has been ingrained into the soul of the Volvo Group. One of the founding fathers’ motto was “Safety is and must be a principle in all design work.”  In the last 80 years, the Volvo group has worked relentlessly to better protect its employees as with one goal in mind: Zero accidents. Volvo is also dedicated to the safety of their customers by producing reliable products that do not stop unexpectedly. Environmental care: As one of the world's largest producers of diesel engines and heavy commerical vehucles, Volvo is responsible for reducing the environmental impacts of its products.

How Volvo Diesel Engines are used


Volvo Diesel engines can be used for a variety of applications. Here at Heavy Duty Kits, we carry rebuild kits to power construction machinery. Volvo Diesel engine to tear down and create the future.

Our Heavy Duty Kits for Volvo Diesel Engines


Are you looking for a diesel engine that gives you the power to operate your heavy construction equipment? Then look no further. Here at Heavy Duty Kits we carry Volvo diesel engines and Volvo truck parts, guaranteed to get your job done. Our Volvo diesel engines can be used for large variety of industrial and construction applications.

Our inventory includes rebuild kits for D12 Engine In-Frame, D12 Engine Piston-less In-frame, D10 Engine Overhaul Kit – L150E, A25D, A30D, TD63 Engine overhaul Kit, L90C, BML90C, L90D, 3.9L Engine Rebuild Kit- EC140/150, 3.9L Engine Overhaul Kit –EW170/180, EC210, 5.9L Engine Overhaul Kit- EW170/180, EC210, 8.3L Engine Rebuild Kit- EC240/290, G720/720, 8.3L Engine Overhaul Kit- EC240/290, 11L Engine Rebuild Kit,  11L Overhaul Kit- EC360/460, B6DLAE2. For more information about our Volvo diesel engines please call 888-642-6460!

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