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Mercedes Benz

Mercedes Diesel

If you live in the United States then 90% of your peers might think that diesel engines are smoky and only used for big rigs, pick-ups and construction equipment. But you’re smarter than that. Diesel engines are used in everyday sedans to SUVs to heavy duty equipment. And Mercedes Benz is proud to be the frontrunner in modernizing diesel engines for their vehicles. The days smelly diesel are over and you no longer have to be a cowboy to enjoy the power and reliability of a Mercedes Benz diesel engine!

Mercedes Benz History

Founded in 1886 by Gottlieb Daimler and Carl Benz, Mercedes Benz has grown to be one of the world’s most successful automotive companies. Mercedes focuses on building innovative, green and superior automobiles and diesel engines.

What Makes Mercedes Diesel Better Than Gas for Your Car

Mercedes Benz wants to break the diesel’s problematic past image of smell, smoky clouds and dirty engines only used to power heavy machinery.  This stigma of diesel engines especially holds true in America, which is one of the slowest adopters of diesel-powered cars in the world. Mercedes uses improved engine technology and cleaner exhaust systems to produce the most modern and advanced diesel engines on the market. Mercedes diesel engines don’t even sound at all like diesel vehicles of the past and consumers don’t realize they are using diesel engines.
Although diesel engines offer less horsepower than gas-fueled engines they do have higher torque. Torque is what gets things moving, allowing you to accelerate faster. Mercedes diesel powered cars give you the brisk acceleration needed to get places in a hurry. The only downside is that they don’t get to as high speeds as gas-engines, but unless you’re a professional A1 race car driver, that should not be a problem.
Mercedes diesel is also much more reliable than regular gas engines. Because diesel engines use compression ignition, which would destroy a gas engine, they must be made extra tough. Originally diesel engines needed to be very heavy but thanks to modern technology the weight of Mercedes diesel engines have been reduced significantly. Nowadays diesel engines give the same performance as gas engines but will outlast them, adding more miles and getting you to your destination with fewer problems.
Lastly, with advances in technology, you no longer have to equate pollution and smell when you think about diesel engines. Nowadays most of the sulfur, which caused the smoke rings, has been removed from Mercedes Diesel. And don’t forget the noise! Diesel engines no longer make that thunderous racket they used to in those old big-rig trucks. Engineers at Mercedes have made sure that their diesels are as quiet as a mouse.

Our Heavy Duty Kits for Mercedes Diesel

Looking for high quality diesel engines? Look no further! Here at Heavy Duty Kits we are proud to carry Mercedes Diesel Engines. These diesel engines, all manufactured in Germany, are made with most innovative technology of the day. Our inventory includes engine rebuild kit models; MB-460, Model 910/919 and MB-460, Model 926/933 as well as individual parts. Mercedes diesel is your best bet for reliable, powerful and clean diesel engines.

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