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All of our parts are engineered to strict OE level specifications, including metallurgy, tolerances, dimensions, and more!

The Mack line has several in-frame kits and to be able to identify which kit fits your engine you must contact us and provide us with one of the two items listed below.

11GBAxxxxxx -This number is located on the front cover and on the engine data late and it starts with 11GBA and its followed by either 4 or 7 numbers.or Provide us your 17 digit VIN #

Questions? Give us a call @ 1-888-642-6460

At HeavyDutyKits, we know power. Mack truck engines are proven, highly fuel-efficient and clean-running diesel engines, which offer a powerful range from 325 to 605 HP. Mack diesel engines give you the muscle and the right amount of torque to get the job done.

Mack Trucks History

The Mack truck engine is a part of industrialist American history. Started in Brooklyn in 1900, the company earned its nickname as the “Bulldog” during World War I when the British government purchased the Mack AC model to supply its front lines with troops, food and equipment. Today, Mack Trucks is one of North America’s largest producers of heavy duty trucks, and its products are sold in more than 45 countries around the word. All of the Mack truck engines sold in North America are assembled in the United States. Mack prides itself on its superior diesel engines technology and strives to exceed customer expectations by offering products and services a cut above the rest.   

How are Mack Truck Engines Used?

Mack diesel engines are perfect for customers who need additional muscle to move their heavy loads. In fact, Mack diesel engines only continue to improve as they introduce a new line of diesel engines to the Mack family, the Mack MP series. These new Mack truck engines maximize fuel efficiency while also providing the necessary power to help drivers conquer long and steep grades. Drivers working in mountainous areas will especially love these new diesel engines since they give them more torque at lower engine speeds, allowing drivers to maintain power and fuel economy as they make their way up to the top of the mountain. The new Mack truck engines have near-zero emissions and can help you to get the job done in the most efficient and cost-effective way.

Our HeavyDutyKits for Mack Truck Engines

We carry and or source practically anything you need for your Mack diesel  engine include MP7, MP8, MP10 and more. Call 888-642-6460 and a friendly and Knowledgeable sales person will assist you.

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Mack MP7 Engine Inframe Kit
Mack MP7 Engine Inframe Kit
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