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Our complete line of rebuild kits & parts for MTU DDEC 8V2000, 12V2000 and 16V2000 engines. We can supply OEM quality after-market parts for these engines making keeping these diesel engines running optimally with high quality parts for less.

Direct injected, turbocharged, and electronically controlled, the 2 liters per cylinder Series 2000 is available in 8V, 12V, and 16V configurations. Outstanding durability, broad power range, and market leading fuel economy make it the natural choice. More than 8,500 Series 2000 engines are in operation around the world and they all add up to more than 14,000,000 hours of production operation. The Series 2000 delivers up to a maximum 1800 horsepower and is available for Construction & Industrial, Marine, and GenSet applications.

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Always one step ahead of the game, MTU is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of diesel engines and parts. MTU diesel engineshave been used for a wide variety of applications, including yachts, trains, bulldozers, mobile-cranes, and even military tanks. MTU engine parts are built to deliver the most power in the most cost-effective and economical manner.

Who is MTU

MTU is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Germany’s Rolls Royce Power System. For the past 100 years, MTU has been the hall-mark brand of Rolls Royce Power System, and continues to innovate and create premium diesel engines. The first MTU diesel engines in North America were compact, light weight diesel engines used for power generation and defense applications. MTU started making heavy duty engines later, and by 1965, had already produced one million engines in North America. In 1994, MTU formed  a partnership with Detroit Diesel to develop the series 2000 (which we carry here at Heavy Duty Kits) and the series 4000 diesel engines. These engines have become known for their superior control, reliability, power and fuel efficiency.

How MTU Parts Can Be Used

MTU engine parts can be used for a wide-range of applications. The series 2000 is mainly used for commercial applications including, rail vehicles, yachts, workboats and other heavy vehicles.

Rail Vehicles: Since 1950, MTU has produced over 16,500 diesel engines to be used in rail vehicles. Time and time again, MTU engines have proven their performance, reliability and economic efficiency. Spanning over hundreds of millions of kilometers of track, you can count on MTU diesel to carry you to your destination.

Construction Equipment: The engineers at MTU understand that working in conditions like paved streets and open terrain is only one environment for their equipment. It is in the face of harsh conditions where MTU diesel engines are truly tested. MTU engines are built to perform at any height, any temperature, any climate and any street, without fail to deliver a groundbreaking performance.

Mining Equipment: Haul trucks, wheel loaders, drilling rigs, and  underground mining machines perform day in and day out, moving boulders and blasting through terrain. MTU engine parts are designed to give the necessary power needed to fuel these monster machines in the most economical way, never compromising their reliability.

Agriculture Equipment: When harvesting and managing thousands of acres of fields, time is of the essence. With their built-in efficiency, MTU engine parts facilitate a job done quickly and effectively. More importantly, MTU diesel parts will last you through long service intervals. MTU engines are designed to have the most optimal power-to-weight ratio, are light-weight, compact, and are able to communicate with digital control systems. If you choose MTU engines to power your agricultural vehicles, then be prepared for the best harvest you have ever seen!

Our Heavy Duty Kits for MTU Engine Parts

Here at Heavy Duty Kits we are proud to carry the series 2000 MTU engines and engine parts. Our inventory includes the 8V2000, 12V2000, 16V2000, Piston-Less 8V2000, Piston-less 12V2000, and Piston-less 16V2000 as well as numerous individual parts for the 2000 series. For more information about our MTU engines please call 888-642-6460.

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