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All of our parts are engineered to strict OE level specifications, including metallurgy, tolerances, dimensions, and more!

Dozer / Tractor Application 

D31E,S,P&Q - 18 (Engine 29222 - 40631 6D95L-1AA 
D31E,S,P&Q - 18 (Engine 40632 up) 6D95L-1AA
D31E-20, D31P,PL,PLL -20 , D31P-20A D37E-5 6D95L-1AC/D
D37E-2 (Engine 29245 - 40462) 6D95L-1BB/VV
D37E-2 (Engine 40463 up) 6D95L-1BB/VV
D37P-5A (Engine 96999 up) 6D95L-1AC/D
D41A, E, P, Q & S  (Engine 15149 to 49999) 6D105-1L
D41E/P-6 Ser # 10001 S6D102E 1Z
D45P-1 (Engine  1501 up) S4D105
D45P-1 (Engine 44579 up) S4D105-3C
D53A / P-17  80001 up (Engine 10001 up) 6D125-1C
D53A / P-17  80001 up (Engine 64065 up) 6D125E-2D
D53A-16 # 65000 + 4D130-1E
D53A-17 Ser # 80001 up (Engine 10001 up S6D125-1C
D53S-17 Ser No. 80,001 up - [Engine 28323 up] 4D130-1H
D55S-3 (Engine  86696 up) S4D120
D57S 1B # 20001+ S6D108 1B
D57S-1 # 6501 up (Engine 1006 -21530) S4D130-1
D58E-1B  81285 up (Engine  21811 up) 6D125-1DD
D58E-1B  81285 up (Engine  64065 up) 6D125E-2G
D58P-1B  80588 up (Engine  21811 up) 6D125-1EE
D58P-1B  80588 up (Engine  61659 up) 6D125E-2H
D60P-8  10001 (Engine  25014 up) 6D125-1F
D65A-8 S6D125-1J
D65A-8   45001 / D68E-1(Engine  129106) 6D125-1J
D65EX-12 S6D125-1AG
D65EX-12 S6D125E-2A or AA
D80A,E-18 and D85A,E-18 NT(A)855
D80A-12 NH-220-C1
D85A-12 NH-220-C1
D155A-1 Ser No.5508 up (Engine 27129 up) S6D155-4B
D155S-1 (Engine 28424 up) S6D150-4A
D155S-1 (Engine 32598 up) S6D155-4E
D355A-1  1010 up (Engine 32598 up) S6D155-4C
D355A-1  1010 up (Engine23694 up) SA6D155-4A
D375A-1 SA6D170
Excavator Application Engine
PC05-5 # 2501+ 3D72-2B
PC20-3 Early 3D84-1A
PC20-5 # 24001+ 3D84-1F
PC20-6 # 24001+ 3D84-1FA
PC20-7 # 35001 + 3D82E-3A
PC20-7 # 35001 + 3D84N-2H
PC30-1 (Engine 01001 to 05809)-1 3D84-1B Early
PC30-3 # 2601 + 3D84-1
PC30-5 3D84-1G
PC30-6 3D84-1GA
PC30-7 # 18001+ 3D84-2E
PC30-7 # 18001 up 3D84E-3A
PC40-3 # 6001 + 3D94-2A
PC40-5 # 8501 up 3D95S-W-1C
PC40-6 # 10001 up 3D95S-W-1E
PC40-7 # 18001 up 4D84-2A
PC40-7 # 18001 up 4D84E-3C
PC45-1 # 1001 + 4D84-2B
PC45-1 # 1001 + 4D84E-3B
PC60-3 4D95L-1C
PC60-5 (Engine 15548 up) 4D95L-1K
PC60-6 (Engine 49965 up) 4D95L-1AA
PC120-3 (Engine 10001 - 35736) 6D95L-1B
PC120-3 (Engine 35737 up) 6D95L-1B
PC130-6 # 45001 (Engine 48811) S4D102E 1F
PC150-3 (Engine 10001 up) S6D95L-1C
PC150-5 (Engine 58644 up) S6D95L-1GG
PC180-3 (Engine 27750 up) S6D95L-1P
PC200-3 (Engine  61481 - up) S6D105-B-1A
PC200-3 & PC220-3 S6D105-1
PC200-5 (Engine 35360 up) S6D95L-1U
PC200-6 (Engine 111868 up) S6D95L-1MM
PC210-6 # 300001 (Engine 26200929) S6D102E 1C
PC220LC-6 # 50001 up SA6D102E 1C
PC280-3 S6D110/1D
PC300-5 # 10001 + SA6D108 1A
PC300LC-6 # 30001 + SAA6D108 2A
PW150-1 (Engine 10001 - 33694) 6D95L-1C
PW150-1 (Engine 33695 up) 6D95L-1C
PC400LC-3 #13444 up S6D125-1T
Wheel Loader Application Engine
WA40-1 # 1001+ 4D95
WA100-1 6D95L-1C
WA120-1 6D95L-1Z
WA180-1 S6D95L-1M
WA200-1 # 10001 + 6D105-1B
WA200-1 # 10001 + 6D105-1Z
WA250-1 # 10001 + S6D105-1TT
WA300-1 # 10001 + S6D105-1WW / S6D105-X
WA350-1B S6D110-1A
WA380-1 SA6D110
WA400-1 # 10001 + SA6D110-1
WA420-1 (Engine 54110) SA6D118 2R
WA450-1 # 10001 up S6D1250R
WA500-1 # 10001 + SA6D140-1A
WA600 SA6D170


The Komatsu Engine

Komatsu Engines are built for power, reliability and durability. Their expertise in building diesel engines for heavy construction machinery is your gain. Komatsu, using experience it accumulated in building engines for construction vehicles has started producing engines for all other types of applications including power generators, industrial machinery and marine vessel products. Whether you are hauling rocks, blasting through piles of dirt, moving rubble or getting cargo places, you can count on a Komatsu engine to get your job done!

History of the Komatsu Brand Engine

Komatsu diesel engines were first sold in America in the 1970s. Komatsu entered the American market with one goal in mind: to be more than just a supplier of construction equipment. They made a commitment to build the most reliable and stable engines that could support every customers’ needs. Komatsu has grown to become the second largest manufacturer of construction equipment, diesel engines and engine parts in North America. Many of these units are produced in manufacturing plants in the United States.

The Famous Komatsu Logo

The Komatsu logo, a small pine-tree, has a long and historic past. Komatsu is named after the city Komatsu, located in the Ishikawa Prefecture of the Hokuriku region in Japan. In English,  “Komatsu” translates to “little pine tree.”  According to legend, monk-emperor Kazan planted a field of pine trees in the Hokuriku region during the middle of the Heian period (794-1192).  The area where this pine tree grew became known as “sono no komatsubara” meaning “small pine-field” in English. The name was later shortened to Komatsu.
In the 1990s the Komatsu pine tree logo was changed to what it is today, the letter “T.” The Komatsu logo upholds the ideals of the Komatsu brand: reliability, stability, and strength. It’s unique design of the letter “T” stands for technological innovation.

How Komatsu Engines are Used

Although Komatsu engines and Komatsu engine parts can be used for a variety of applications, they are most famous for being the heart and soul of heavy construction equipment. What separates Komatsu engines from their competitors is their innovative use of cast iron pistons and electronically controlled, high-pressure fuel injection systems that limit the emissions from their engines, making them some of the most clean and environmentally friendly diesel engines on the market today. Since 2001, Komatsu has proudly been producing engines that feature such technological advancements such as integrating air-to-air aftercoolers, making sure their engines don’t overheat.

Our Heavy Duty Kits for Komatsu

Looking for diesel engines that will give you the power to start the work-day and the durability to finish? Then look no further. Here at Heavy Duty Kits we are proud to carry 3 cylinder, 4 cylinder, 6 cylinders, and 12-cylinder engine overhaul and rebuild kits manufactured by Komatsu. These Komatsu diesel engines are internationally recognized as top performing engines. If you would like more information about our Komatsu engines and Komatsu engine parts please call us at 888-642-6460 for fast and reliable assistance!

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