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Isuzu Diesel - Creation Without Compromise

The heart and soul of Isuzu Motors Limited is their diesel engines. With over 20 million diesel engines and trucks parts sold worldwide, Isuzu is an industry leader that prides itself on their innovative, reliable and durable product line. With over 30 different engine models with power ranges beyond 500 hp, you are sure to find an Isuzu diesel engine that fulfills the needs of your activity.

History of Isuzu - The First Passenger Cars of Japan

Isuzu’s roots can be traced all the way back to Japan in 1893 when Tokyo Ishikawajima Shipbuilding & Engineering Co., Ltd was established. By 1916, Tokyo Ishikawajima, already a successful and highly profitable shipbuilding business, decided to diversify into car making. By 1922 Tokyo Ishikawajim started building the first domestically produced passenger cars in Japan. In 1929, the car department split from Tokyo Ishikawajim Shipbuilding & Engineering, becoming a separate company known as Ishikawa Automotive Works Co. Ltd. The Japanese government, seeing the growing need for cars in their country, started promoting the automobile industry and Ishikawajim Automotive Works Co.’s development of the “Isuzu,” a government standard model car. The car was named after the Isuzu river which flows past one of Japan’s oldest shrines. Isuzu is the origin of today’s “Isuzu Motors Limited”, which changed its name in 1949. In 1936, Isuzu began building their famous diesel engines at their headquarters in Tokyo. Today, Isuzu has the largest global production of diesel and the largest sales network in the world. Isuzu truck parts are sold in Europe, North America, Japan, and other parts of Asia. More importantly, Isuzu diesel engines are internationally recognized as the cleanest, most fuel efficient and durable diesel on the market.

The Isuzu Mission - Trust, Action, Excellence

In today’s world, issues such as reducing CO2 emissions and preventing global warming are pressing tasks. Isuzu is dedicated to taking on such tasks by developing the cleanest, most fuel-efficient diesel engines in the most cost-effective way. Isuzu firmly believes in protecting the environment and has shown strides in creating economical low-pollution energy vehicles and clean diesel engines. In fact, Isuzu is the world leader in researching super-clean diesel engines. They have already developed the next generation of diesel engines which use advanced technology to reduce emissions and conserve fuel. Isuzu engineers were the first to integrate direct-injection systems, turbocharger incorporation with an intercooler and electronically controlled common-rail high pressure fuel injection systems into Isuzu diesel engines. Lastly, Isuzu diesel engines are all manufactured in plants that have zero emissions.

Our Isuzu Diesel Engines

Isuzu  diesel engines can be used for a wide variety of vehicles, from light-duty passenger vehicles to heavy-duty trucks. Here at Heavy Duty Kits we carry the 4BD1, 4BD2, 4JB1, 4HE1T, 6BD1TC, 6BD1TC-A, 6HE1TC, 6HK1TCN, 6BG1STD, 6BG1TC-A diesel engines as well as numerous parts for the 4 and 6 series cylinder engines. Isuzu diesels are guaranteed to help you get the job done and save the environment at the same time! Looking to buy Isuzu diesel or have questions about our stock? Call us at 888-642-6460 for fast and reliable service!

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