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Navistar International Diesel Engines

Navistar International Diesel Engines

All of our parts are engineered to strict OE level specifications, including metallurgy, tolerances, dimensions, and more!


As a leading manufacturer of commercial trucks, buses, and defense vehicles, Navistar International diesel engines are built on bold thinking and strong values.

History of Navistar International Diesel Engines

Navistar International diesel engines began their remarkable history in 1831 upon the invention of the first mechanical reaper during the agriculture boom in North America. In 1884, the original inventor passed and his son took over, ushering in the years of industrialization for the company to produce engines, automobiles, trucks, and tractors. Since that time, Navistar international diesel engines have been a vital American inventor to the industry, having revolutionized agriculture and expanding outward to other types of applications of their technology through extensive vertical integration and continuous research and development.

How Navistar International Diesel Engines are Used

Navistar International diesel engines can be found in large heavy-duty trucks like continental mixers to coach buses and tractors. Having close ties with government since the days of its early founders, the Navistar International diesel engines are found in many military-related vehicles. Remarkably, Navistar International diesel engines are now being worked on in conjunction with one of China’s largest vehicle manufacturing companies to improve their efficiency and expansion into Chinese commercial truck markets.

Our Heavydutykits for Navistar International Diesel Engines

We carry many models of Navistar International diesel engines and Navistar truck parts. On our next page, you can view model DT360, DT407, DT408, DT414, DT466, DT530, DT530E, T444E, VT365 Navistar International Diesel engines. Call 888-626-6460 and a knowledgeable salesperson will help you review our models to match your needs.


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