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Dodge (Dodge Division of Chrysler Group LLC) is an auto, minivan, and sport utility vehicle brand manufactured by Chrysler and based in Auburn Hills, Michigan. At Heavydutykits, we carry both Cummins diesel engines or Cummins diesel parts and Volvo diesel engines or Volvo truck parts.

Cummins Diesel Engines

Practically 100% of all heavy duty trucks in the U.S. are diesel powered due to rugged durability, fuel economy, and high torque for dealing with heavy loads. Cummins diesel engines power more than 50% of these trucks and now the same powerhouse technology and quality performance is part of your Dodge. You can keep your diesel engine running optimally for less with one of our Cummins engine overhaul kits. Cummins diesel engines in stock are 3.3L, 3.9L, or 5.9L. See our Cummins diesel engines listing for more detail. If you are looking for specific Cummins diesel parts not found on our website, call 888-642-6460 and we will find it for you!

Volvo Diesel Engines

Volvo truck engines are known for their fuel-efficiency, torque at low speeds, and efficiency and that is because Cummins has been a partner with Volvo since 2000, providing Volvo diesel trucks with Cummins diesel engines. New diesel engine technology pushes more of the breaking stress onto the engine than onto your break pads, for example. You will notice in Volvo trucks, Cummins diesel engines provide strong pulling power from high torque at low revs as well as fast acceleration. In addition, easy low-speed handling, fuel economy, and a comfortable cruising experience separate Volvo from the other diesel truck companies. We sell Cummins diesel engines for a variety of models, in sizes 3.9L, 5.9L, 8.3L, and 11L. If you spot an item you want to purchase or need more information on, or even if you need something not on our website, call 888-642-6460 for assistance from a sales executive who will be happy to help you!

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