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Deutz Diesel

Deutz Diesel

Deutz knows diesel engines. Based in Cologne, Germany, Deutz is one of the largest independent manufacturers of diesel engines. Deutz understands the competition in the engine-parts market today and is proud to provide high-quality diesel engines combined with high-quality customer service. If you are looking for sturdy diesel engines, look no further; Deutz engines can help you get the job done!

History of Deutz Diesel Engines

For over 145 years Deutz has been producing high-end diesel engines, and to this day, Deutz engines are unparalleled in quality and reputation. In fact, Deutz diesel engines are the backbone for many global renowned manufactures of agricultural equipment. The company was founded in 1864 by Nikolaus Otto and since then has had a slew of famous names who have worked for Deutz including Ettore Bugatti, creator of the famous Bugatti sports car. Nowadays Deutz engines are manufactured in Cologne and Herschbach, both located in Germany as well as Zafra, Spain. Deutz is committed to maintaining high standards of quality, innovative and reliable production methods, all encompassing superb craftsmanship at all production sites. Deutz truly prides itself on its experience in the field of diesel engines.

How Deutz Engines Are Used

Deutz diesel engines and engine parts can be used for a wide variety of applications. Whether you’re looking for mobile machinery or stationary equipment, Deutz has the necessary parts for you. In the mobile machinery segment Deutz engines can be used in building sites or mining applications covering applications from vibrating plates to dumpers weighing several tons. In the stationary equipment sector, Deutz serves all common performance classes, including compressors, pumps and power generation plants. If you need engines for agricultural equipment, or engines for commercial and rail equipment we have a Deutz engine for that too! Lastly, Deutz is proud to supply diesel engines for the marine segment, focusing on specialty niches in this market. Deutz provides diesel engines for marine and power generators which can run on either fuel gas or oil gas.
Here at HeavyDutyKits, we carry top of the line Deutz engines, which are available in air-cooled as well as liquid-cooled engines, combining experience with innovation. The air-cooled Deutz engines are well-suited for many different jobs since they cannot freeze or boil-over during normal operation. The innovative oil-cooled Deutz engines provide the same punch in a smaller package. Just as powerful as other engines, oil-cooled Deutz engines are more compact than their competitors because they do not require the additional space for a radiator.

Our HeavyDutyKits for Deutz Diesel Engines

Looking for diesel engines and diesel engine parts? Look no further. Deutz has the engine for the job you need. Here at Heavy-Duty Kits we offer high quality service and a wide variety of rebuild kits for Deutz diesel engines. Currently we are stocked with the 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, and 10, Cylinder Deutz kits as well as various Deutz engine parts. Call 888-642-6460 now for responsive and experienced assistance.

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